About Us



The premise of our story is not a new one to businesses that have been around for over 20 years, a growing company needs to grow. With our father company Blue Ridge Log Cabins we have seen the desire for those individuals who relish going against the grain and that want to build a home that is unique and different. For  the past 3 years, Sarah Smith, Blue Ridge’s Marketing Director, has seen the growth but has also seen the

overwhelming movement in a NEW type of buyer AND type of product. By creating a modern design and using the amazing and innovative way Blue Ridge Log Cabins has been building traditional log homes for over two decades, we were able to come up with something truly different and exciting. Thus the Luxe Log Home brand was born. And after 3 years of design and determination-we are now bringing it to you!

Coming from a fashion background I always appreciated the simplicity of minimalism, natural light and a crisp neutral palette that lets the product speak for itself. Taking my knowledge of the log home industry and combining it with my love of fashion- this new luxury line of log homes blends both elements and has created what I like to call “Couture of a Classic.”

Sarah Smith